Technical parameters

Main features

Number of VoIP accounts supported: 1

Supported protocol type: IPv4

Network connection: 1 PoE port IEEE 802.3af

Power supply: 1 PoE IEEE 802.3af port and 1 +12 Volt connection port

Supported codec type: G.711μ / A

Additional function: Doorbell

Audio transmission method: Full Duplex

Number of control keys: 6

Configuration and programming method: WEB-interface

Installation method: Wall-mounted

Overall dimensions: 184 × 106 × 28 mm

Available colors: Black, white


  • Support for internal BAS-IP protocol
  • Support for SIP 2.0 and Peer-to-peer SIP, for organizing communication with any VoIP equipment supporting this protocol
  • Opening door lock
  • Concierge Monitor Calls
  • SIP call forwarding
  • DND
  • Mute
  • Display of various device statuses using the indicator light
  • 6 volume levels
  • Link software support
  • Support for receiving automatic settings from Link
  • Backup and restore settings
  • Possibility of receiving software updates from the BAS-IP server and user update server