Network configuration

DHCP: Enable/disable the auto retrieve network settings feature.

IP: Device IP Address.

By default, the device can have a static IP address or

Mask: Subnet mask.

Gateway: The main gateway.

DNS: DNS server address.

Custom NTP

Custom NTP: Enable/disable the use of a custom NTP server.

Current device date/time: The current time and date of the device.

NTP URL: Custom time server input field.

Time Zone: Select the time zone to use.

Management system

Link Server: The address of the PC or server where the Link monitoring and control system for the intercom system is installed.

Password: Password to access the server.

Heartbeat to server: Enable/disable sending device status to a server with Link software installed.

To automatically receive device settings from the Link server and further interact with it, you need to create a device in the server interface, specify the required settings for it and click the device initialization button (magnifying glass icon with circular arrows).

From the side of the device, in standby mode, hold down the button with the image of the key for 5 seconds, and then release it. Alternating flashing of LEDs indicates that the device is in the mode of automatically receiving settings from the server flow, in which the device can be up to 60 seconds.

Upon successful initialization, the device will play the corresponding sound, the indicator light will flash green 3 times and switch to normal operation.

If initialization is unsuccessful, it will play the corresponding sound and enter normal operation mode.