In this menu, the logical address settings are set for the device to communicate with the call panels.

Address Settings

Building: Building number.

Unit: Unit number.

Floor: Floor number.

Apartment: Apartment number.

Device number: Sequence number of the device.

If the device is one, it is necessary to set "0" in this line. If there are several devices, then the numbering should begin with "0" and end with "8".

SIP settings

Enable/Disable: Enable/disable SIP registration.

Proxy: A proxy SIP server that can be represented by both an IP address and a domain name.

Before the proxy address, you must specify "sip:".

Realm: SIP server address.

It can be specified as an IP address or a domain name.

STUN IP: Server STUN address.

STUN port: STUN server port.

Port 19302 is used for the STUN server of Google.

User: SIP number.


Password: Password from SIP number.


Default value: Enable/disable the function of sending a standard value when the lock open button is pressed (the internal protocol command to open the door).

Lock code: DTMF code transmitted when the lock open button is pressed.

By default, the call panels are configured to receive a DTMF code "#" to unlock the lock.

Advanced intercom settings

Talk volume level: Adjust the speaker volume of the device during the call.

To mute the microphone during the call, you need to press the "Volume down" button.

General volume level: Adjust the volume level of the speaker in the stand by mode.

You can also adjust the speaker volume level during an incoming call.

Maximum call time: The time interval after which the device automatically end an outgoing call.

Calls forward

Total count: The number of active redirects (up to four redirects).

URL: Direction for parallel call forwarding when an incoming call is made to the internal monitor.


Forwarding to the specified directions is activated when making calls to the handsfree using an internal protocol.

SOS/Concierge button

SOS/Concierge button: Enable/disable the function to call the specified SIP number by pressing the button to call the concierge on the device. If this feature is disabled, the concierge will be called using an internal protocol.

URL: SIP number input field, which will be called when pressing the concierge button.