Device description

Subscriber IP audio device with support for SIP, P2P and internal BAS-IP protocol.

Functional 6 buttons, from left to right, from bottom to top:

  • Answer an incoming call/end a call;
  • The opening of the lock. Automatically receive settings from Link software;
  • Reduce the overall volume level (6 volume levels, changes when playing an incoming call melody). Mute the microphone (during a call);
  • Increase the overall volume level (6 volume levels, changes in the playback mode of the incoming call melody and cyclically during a call);
  • DND - disabling the ringtone for an incoming call, only the indicator light flashes;
  • Concierge call.

Indicator statuses:

  • The device in standby mode - constant white backlight;
  • Incoming / outgoing call - flashing green backlight;
  • Conversation - constant green backlight;
  • DND is on - constant red backlight;
  • A signal to open the lock was sent - a flashing white and green backlight 3 times in 1.5.-2 seconds;
  • Mute during a conversation - slowly flashing red and green lights;
  • Pressing the volume button - flashing white backlight 1 time, then return to the backlight of the current mode;
  • The mode for automatically receiving settings is the flashing red, green, and blue backlight.


Network connection: Ethernet 10/100;
Power: + 12V and PoE 802.3af;
Connection of an additional handset SP-AU.