List of possible integrations

The list of companies and their products that are integrated and work together with BAS-IP equipment:

CCTV systems

Smart home and telemetry

  • Iridium Mobile (tested with 1.3.10_18299 version)
  • Ravelin Ltd “Gate”
  • Bolid “ASKUE Resource”
  • Saures (tested with v3.6.4)
  • Rubetech (tested with 2022.9.1 version)
  • AlphaOpen “Alpha Logic”
  • Control 4 (tested with v322.21.0.10)
  • Crestron (tested with 1.02.52 version)
  • Fibaro (tested with version)

Access Control Systems

  • PERCo
  • Parsec
  • Elsys (integration via Wiegand)
  • Iron Logic (integration via Wiegand)
  • Nedap (integration via Wiegand)
  • TSS (integration via Wiegand)
  • Legos (integration via Wiegand)
  • Guardian “A.C. Tech ” (integration via Wiegand)
  • StorkAccess Store (integration via Wiegand)
  • AxessTMC (integration via Wiegand)
  • Car “S2000, Orion, Aegis” (integration via Wiegand)
  • AAM Systems “APACS 3000” (integration via Wiegand)
  • The Era of New Technologies “Era” (integration via Wiegand)
  • Inner Range (tested with version )
  • U-Prox (tested with 3.052.6833 version)