Integration with Gallagher Security access control system

The integration is seamless, providing a user-friendly experience and improving overall security. The integration is done via SIP protocol, which enhances communication between the two systems. This means you can now control access to your building using Gallagher powerful security features and manage intercom calls from the same platform.

How to configure the integration

  1. Ensure your license file contains the following options:
    • [Limits]:
      • SIP Devices = x (where x is the number of SIP Device items that can be configured);
      • SIP Services = x (where x is the number of SIP Service items that can be configured);
    • [Features]: SIP = 1.
  2. Download and install Gallagher Command Centre (version vEL8.80.980 or later release).
  3. Locate the SIPEndpointServiceSetup_8.xx.xx file in the ‘Utilities\SIP Service’ folder within the Gallagher installation media.
  4. Copy the SIPEndpointServiceSetup_8.xx.xx file to the machine on which you will install the Gallagher SIP Endpoint Service.
  5. Run the SIPEndpointServiceSetup_8.xx.xx file.
  6. Click Next > Install. The Gallagher SIP Endpoint Service installs.
  7. Change the installation directory or leave it as the default, then click Next.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Ensure the Launch SIP Endpoint Service Setup Utility check box is checked and click Finish.
  10. To launch the Gallagher SIP Setup Utility manually, run the SIPSetupUtility.exe from the folder it was installed in.

    The default folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Gallagher\Gallagher SIP Endpoint Service.

  11. In the Command Centre Server field, enter the IP address or computer name of the Command Centre server.
  12. In the Port field, enter the Server Base Port of the Gallagher API Services Server.

    The Server Base Port can be set under File > Server Properties > Web Services.

    The default port is 8908.

  13. In the Local IP Address field, enter the IP address of the machine where you have installed the Gallagher SIP Endpoint Service (i.e. the computer you are currently using). This IP address must be reachable by your SIP devices.
  14. From the Client Certificate drop-down list, select the Gallagher SIP Service Client Certificate value. This certificate is selected by default.
  15. In the Protocols settings, select the communication protocols permitted for SIP Devices when communicating with Command Centre. 

    Currently, only UDP is supported and must be selected.

  16. Next to each selected protocol, enter the port number for communications to use, or leave them as the default. The port you enter here must match the port configured for the SIP device.
  17. In the Registration Code field, you must enter a registration code generated by the SIP Service item in Gallagher Configuration Client.
  18. Open the Gallagher Configuration Client.
  19. Click Configure from the menu bar, then Services & Workstations. The Services and Workstations List Window opens.
  20. Open the properties of the SIP Service item you have previously created (or refer to the help menu for configuring the SIP service item).
  21. Go to the Configuration tab.
  22. Click the Generate Code button, then click to copy the registration code.
  23. Return to the Gallagher SIP Setup Utility and paste the code into the Registration Code field.
  24. Click the Save button, then close the Gallagher SIP Setup Utility. A message displays indicating the success or failure of the SIP Endpoint Service configuration. If the configuration fails, ensure your configuration details are valid and that the Registration Code has not expired.
  25. From the Start menu, open the Windows Services application.
  26. Find the FT Gallagher SIP Endpoint Service, right-click it, and select Start.
  27. Check that the status of the SIP Service item in Gallagher Configuration Client (on its Status and Overrides tab) displays as Normal.
  28. Open the Command Center configuration client and click Configure > SIP.
  29. Right-click and select New SIP Device.
  30. Set a name in the General tab and then select the Setup tab.
  31. From the Device Type drop-down list, select Standard SIP Device.
  32. From the Door list, select the Door at which this SIP Device is located. For example, if you are configuring this SIP Device for a SIP intercom, this is the Door that can be opened by an operator when a call is connected at this intercom.
  33. In the Device URI field, enter the uniform resource identifier (URI) that has been configured on the SIP device.

    Format: sip:device logical [email protected] IP address, e.g. sip:[email protected] (where 10 is a building No., 01 is a unit No., 00 is a floor No., 10 is a room No., and 0 is a device No.).

    You can check address configurations in the Intercom tab of the device web interface. 


  34. Click OK to exit and save your changes.
  35. Gallagher Command Centre Workstations with SIP intercoms enabled can view, accept, and manage incoming calls from intercoms, as well as make intercom calls. To do it, click Configure from the menu bar > Services & Workstations. The Services & Workstations List Window opens.
  36. Open the properties of the Workstation you want to enable SIP intercoms for.
  37. Click the SIP Intercom tab.
  38. Enable the SIP Functionality to allow SIP Devices to communicate with this workstation.
  39. In the Workstation IP Address field, enter the IP address of the computer that this Command Centre workstation is installed on. This IP address must be reachable by the SIP service and SIP devices.
  40. Select the Supports Video check box to allow video to be sent to this workstation from a SIP intercom. For workstations with this check box selected, video from the integrated camera on a SIP intercom will display in a Camera Tile in the Intercom Viewer while a call is active (if the Intercom Video Stream option is selected for the Camera Tile).
  41. Click OK to exit and save your changes.

Using the Intercom feature in the Command Center interface

Placing and receiving calls is supported by the Command Center client. This can be achieved by configuring an Intercom Viewer or by adding the SIP device item to a site plan.

To create and configure an Intercom Viewer, please, refer to the help menu of the Command Centre client for creating a new Intercom Viewer and adding a camera tile to display the Intercom video stream.

Alternatively, you can add a SIP device to a site plan which allows you to place and answer calls along with viewing video streams from the site plan.

Configuring BAS IP panel to call Gallagher Server

A call to the Gallagher server can either be initiated from the concierge button or by adding a contact.

The SIP address for calling Gallagher has the following format: sip:[email protected]_service_ip (where sip_service_ip with the IP of the machine where the SIP service has been installed).