What to do if video from an IP camera is not displayed on a monitor?

To solve this problem, you have to do the following steps:

1. Check the correctness of the URL of the RTSP stream. Usually, the URL is indicated in a camera installation manual. 

Example of the URL: rtsp://admin:123456@ It includes a username (admin), user password (123456), - panel IP; 8554 - number of a camera access port; ch01 - number of channel.

Also, you can check the accuracy of the link by copying it to any player, e.g. VLC Player. If you can not see the video in a player, the URL is wrong. In another case, move to step 2.   

2. Be sure that the parameters of camera settings are the following:

    • codec: H.264 Main Profile;
    • display resolution: 1280×720 or lower.

3. Check if the IP camera is in the same subnetwork as the indoor video entry phone (monitor).   

If these steps do not help to solve the problem, please, contact our support team.