An outdoor panel is configured remotely through the web interface by connecting to the device via an internet browser on the PC. The panel and PC from which you plan to access the device must be connected to the same network segment.

In the Internet browser, you must enter the panel IP address into the address input line. To find the device and figure out its IP address you can use this search and upgrade tool that shows all connected to the network devices. 

After entering an IP address in the browser, a window to type a login and password will appear. At the top right corner, you can change the interface language. Russian, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Polish, and Dutch languages are available. 

Also, you can find a device model name at the left lower corner and the current firmware version at the right lower corner. 


Default values to enter the web interface: 

Login: admin

Password: 123456

The password for logging into the web interface is the administrator password. By default, it is 123456, but you can change it in the appropriate tab