Here you can add or view a table with previously added identifiers. This table contains information about the identifier owner, its type, number, validity period, amount of available passes, and the number of the lock that identifiers are allowed to open. 

There is an option of everyday automatic deletion of guest identifiers that expired a week ago.  

How to add a new identifier to a panel memory?

1. Log in to the entrance panel web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.

2. Go to Access management > Identifiers.

3. Click New Identifier.

4. Enter all required information in the opened window:

    • choose an Apartment number from the previously created list in the corresponding tab;
    • owner name
    • owner type: Guest or Owner;
    • identifier type and number;

5 identifiers types are available:  

  • card: EM-Marin or Mifare card. In the Identifier number field, you must enter a card number in decimal format, without comas. Usually, the number is printed on the card in decimal or hexadecimal format. You can use this link to convert a value from one to another system. Also, you can bring the card to a panel reader, and the number will be displayed in this tab or Logs, from where it can be copied.    
  • UKEY allows using smartphones as identifiers (BAS-IP UKEY app is required). You must enter the identifier number in the Identifier number field. To find out the number, bring the phone to a reader and the number will be displayed in the Logs, from where it can be copied into this field;
  • face ID (available for devices with FB abbreviation) allows opening the lock by scanning visitors faces. When adding this identifier type, you must upload a vertical or horizontal user photo, that will be converted into a hash. Further, this hash will be used to verify visitors; 

  • QR code: The automatically generated QR must be downloaded from the web interface and uploaded to a mobile device for further use

  • license plates can be added and used to open lock/s. In the License plates field, you must enter the plate number. For this identifier to work, you need an Axis camera for plate scanning and installed AXIS License Plate Verifier software to send a number to the panel (detailed instructions about configuration are given below). In a case of a guest ID, you can create several identifiers with one license plate number.

For accurate recognition, it is necessary to import a full-face photo, where the face occupies about 80% of the space. The image must be:

    • in .jpeg format;
    • with a resolution of at least 320x240px and no more than 5120×2700px;
    • with a neutral background;
    • with a well-lit face; 
    • with real face proportions. 
    • choose Access restrictions (when access is allowed for the identifier) from the previously created list in the corresponding tab (optional);
    • set Period restrictions for identifier validity (optional);
    • set Passes restrictions (optional); 
    • set Lock # that is allowed to open for the identifier (#1, #2 (if SH-42 is used) or both);   

6. Confirm the information. 

If necessary, you can edit/delete added identifiers. 

How to configure License plates use as an identifier  

  1. For this identifier to work, you need an installed Axis camera and Axis License Plate Verifier software. Detailed information about software and its installation you can find on the Axis website.
  2. In AXIS License Plate Verifier, select HTTP Post protocol. 
  3. Enter server URL that consists of panel username and password, panel IP address, and API endpoint, where the camera will send the recognized number. For example, http://admin:[email protected]/api/v1/access/plate/check, where the username is admin, the user password is 123456, and is panel IP. 
  4. Save AXIS License Plate Verifier settings.  
  5. Open panel web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.
  6. Go to Access management > Identifiers.
  7. Add license plate number as identifier. 

After these actions added license plate number will be recognized by the camera, and access will be provided for 10 sec.