This tab contains a log that displays all the events that happened with added to the Link devices (panels, monitors, elevator controllers): login to the web interface, lock opening using an identifier, to or from which number a call was made, elevator called, etc. You can export all logs by clicking the corresponding button. 

With the online mode, you can monitor all events in real time.  

List of all events displayed in the log:

LowInformationDevice Booted 
SystemSIP registration lost 

AccessDoor was opened
AccessDoor was closed
AccessLock was opened by free access button
AccessLock opened by exit button
AccessLock opened by identifier
AccessGeneral access code entered
AccessAccess granted by valid face identifier
AccessLift called to floor
SystemLogin to the web interface
SystemUnsuccessful attempt to enter GUI settings
SystemSuccessfully logging into GUI settings
InformationIncoming call
InformationOutgoing call
InformationIncoming call without status 
InformationOutgoing call  without status 
InformationOutgoing call from web-interface 
InformationMissed call 
HighAccessAccess denied by remote server
AccessAccess granted by remote server
AccessWrong input code
AccessUnknown identifier
AccessAccess denied by invalid face identifier
AccessUnknown QR code
AccessAccess granted by the web interface
AccessAccess denied by the web interface
AccessLock opened by response device
AccessNot valid identifier
AccessAccess granted by valid license plate
AccessAccess denied by not valid license plate
AccessAccess denied by unknown license plate
EmergencyTamper event
CriticalAccessLock opened too long
AccessDoor is open too long
EmergencyAbnormal event
EmergencyEmergently event
SystemFirmware update

Also, there is a filter by date (created at), category, priority, code, device, identifier, owner, or created marker. So, you can configure a flexible data display and quick search. To do this, you need to click the Add filter button and set the necessary parameters. For some searches, results can equal your search (so to be exactly as you indicate), or they can be less or great than your parameter, e.g. search less than indicated date will display all events before the date.  

You can select a few parameters and choose whether the results will match all filters or any of them. In addition, you can save your search parameters for further use by clicking the corresponding button. All saved parameters are displayed after clicking the Segments button.