System info

This section contains information about events, processes, and system boot. Here you can monitor the system state and collect information.

System logs 

This tab contains logs of system managers responsible for executing processes in the Link. To display information, you need to select a log from the list and clickto display and update the information.

List of logs: 

  • queue_alert - emergency alert queue manager logs;
  • queue_access_matrix_processing - manager logs of queues for collecting information on the access matrix for generating key distribution packets for devices;
  • queue_device_search - network search queue manager logs;
  • queue_default - application base queue manager log;
  • supervisor - service manager log in the system;
  • queue_sip - SIP server queue manager logs;
  • queue_announces - announcement queue manager logs;
  • queue_device_task - task queue manager logs of sending IDs, schedules, and settings to devices;
  • websocket - websocket logs for application;
  • nginx_access - nginx server logs;
  • nginx_error - nginx web server error logs;
  • nginx_unit - application server logs;
  • mysql_error - mysql database server logs;
  • app - application logs. 

To clear the data, deleteyour search. 


This tab contains information about the system, application execution environment, running processes, used memory, CPU, and used disk space.

Queues management 

This tab contains information about application queue managers and provides access to manage them.

To display and update the list, click Refresh data.

WEB metrics 

This tab contains information on the number of requests to the application.