Preparing the server to use the Link mobile app

For the Link mobile application to function properly, the corresponding settings must be made on the server.


  • Configure SMTP for sending email
  • Add SSL certificate for server domain name
  • Create groups of objects
  • Add devices to the system
  • Add devices to object groups
  • Create access rules and bind devices to them
  • Bind access rules to groups of objects
  • Create users with email
  • Add users to object groups
    • Add tenants to the required apartments
    • Add concierges to the required groups of objects (entrances, houses, etc.)
  • Create virtual numbers
    • Link numbers to users and devices
      • Link panels and concierge monitors to the concierge user / system administrator
      • Link numbers to users
    • Add SIP number settings to devices
  • Give the concierge the right to "Accept calls from descendant users"
  • Send invitations to users by email