In this tab, you can configure general server settings. After changing any settings, click Confirm at the end of the page. 


In this section you can: 

  • enter your project name
  • add project description (if necessary);
  • enter server URL, e.g.,;
  • enable Registration is allowed by reference field to be able to invite new users;  
  • allow users to self-recover their password by ticking the corresponding box. Otherwise, only an administrator will be able to do it;
  • select system language: English, Russian.

Mail Server settings 

These settings are required Enter mail server settings to be able to send registration link and emails to users. You must enter:  

    • for the mail server type field select smtp (outgoing mail server);
    • mail server address, e.g.;
    • mail server port number;
    • SMTP server username (email address from which letters will be sent);
    • email (from which letters will be sent) password
    • sender email (coincides with SMTP server username);
    • sender name that will be indicated in letters;
    • preferred encryption type: ssl or tls;

After entering the mail server settings check the correctness by sending a test email.


To get information about system functioning you must enter the system administrator email. And enable/disable what notifications you (as an administrator) want or don't want to receive: 

  • when devices become offline;
  • when device tasks are filed. 


Here you can configure how long the device logs must be kept: a day, a week, 2 weeks, or a month.