Forward rules

In this tab, you can create forward rules for redirecting calls from one virtual number to other/s. These rules can be applied to required numbers in the Virtual numbers tab. With the help ofandbuttons, you can edit or delete rules.

How to create a forward rule

  1. Go to the Forward rules tab of the Telephony settings section.
  2. Click plus icon in the left low corner.
  3. Enter a rule name.
  4. Select in what case the call will be forwarded: 
    • immediately (without waiting for an answer from your primary number) to all indicated in the call queue field/s numbers;
    • to forward calls to indicated in the call queue number/s if there is no answer;
    • forward calls to indicated in the call queue field/s numbers if the primary number is busy or an error occurs;
  5. Set the time (5-30 sec) after which the call will be forwarded if there is no answer option is selected;
  6. Click add call queue and select the required virtual numbers from the list.

    You can add () several call queues with a few numbers in them. 

  7. Click the Save button in the left low corner when all required data will be entered.

Forward rules filtering 

Also, there is a filter by rule name for quick search. To do this, you need to click the Add filter button, select the parameter and enter the rule name. 

In addition, you can save your search for further use by clicking the corresponding button. All saved searches are displayed after clicking the Segments button.