Bas-IP Link is software for all BAS-IP equipment and realizes centralized access control in residential complexes and office centers with varying complexity. It allows you to flexibly manage all the functionality of the intercom system from anywhere in the world.

You can work with Link on any device: a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone running any operating system. Link is available as a cloud service, while still providing additional privacy, though it can be installed locally for ease of use. Also, the mobile app is available, but with limited features. 

All features and options are described further:  

The software works with:

  • multi-apartment entrance panels: AA-01, AA-03, AA-05, AA-07, AA-07B, AA-07B2M, AA-07BC, AA-07BV, AA-07BD, AA-07E, AA-07FB, AA-07FB2M, AA-07FBC2M, AA-07FBV, AA-07FBV2M, AA-07MF, AA-09, AA-09B, AA-09BV, AA-09E, AA-11, AA-11B, AA-11BV, AA-11E, AA-11FBV, AA-11M, AA-12, AA-12B, AA-12FB, AA-12FB2M, AA-14FB, AA-14FB2M, AA-14FBS;
  • multi-button entrance panels: BI-02, BI-02B, BI-02FB, BI-02FB2M, BI-04, BI-04B, BI-04FB, BI-04FB2M, BI-06, BI-06B, BI-06FB, BI-06FB2M, BI-08, BI-08B, BI-08FB, BI-08FB2M, BI-12, BI-12B, BI-12FB, BI-12FB2M, BA-04, BA-04BD, BA-04MD, BA-08, BA-08BD, BA-08MD, BA-12, BA-12BD, BA-12MD;
  • individual entrance panel: AV-01, AV-01T, AV-01TE, AV-01D, AV-01ED, AV-01MD, AV-01MFD, AV-01BD, AV-01KD, AV-02, AV-02D, AV-02IDE, AV-02IDE, AV-02IPD, AV-03D, AV-03BD, AV-04AFD, AV-04ASD, AV-04FD, AV-04SD, AV-05FD, AV-05SD, AV-07T, AV-07B, AV-08FB;  
  • access controllers: CR-02BD;
  • indoor video entry phone (monitors): AQ-07, AQ-07L, AQ-07LA, AQ-07LL, AK-10, AK-10L, AK-10LP, AT-07L, AT-10, AT-10L, AM-02, AZ-07LL, AU-04LA, SP-03, SP-03F.