Innovative software from BAS-IP, which combines not only ergonomic appearance, PWA support for mobile but also all the most popular access control, system management, and monitoring features.

The software works with:

  1. Multiapartment call panels: AA-01, AA-03, AA-05, AA-07,AA-09, AA-11, AA-12, AA-12FB, AA-14FB
  2. Multibutton call panels: BI-02, BI-02FB, BI-04, BI-04FB, BI-08, BI-08FB, BI-12, BI-12FB, BA-04, BA-08, BA-12, BA-04BD, BA-08BD, BA-12BD
  3. Individual call panels: AV-01, AV-01T, AV-01TE, AV-01D, AV-01ED, AV-01MD, AV-01MFD, AV-01BD, AV-01KD, AV-02, AV-02D, AV-02IDR, AV-02FDR, AV-03D, AV-03BD, AV-07T, AV-07B;
  4. Access controllers: CR-02BD
  5. Internal monitors: AQ-07, AQ-07L, AQ-07LA, AK-10, AK-10L, AM-02, SP-03