System audit

This section displays a list of all events that happened in the system: adding/editing/deleting users, groups, areas, access restrictions, schedules, and identifiers. So, you can monitor all changes on the server, when they were, and who did them.

By clicking an event about adding or deleting data, this information will display to check what exactly was added/deleted. By clicking an event about ending data, you can look at the original variant or edited.    

There is a filter by date, user, audit type (access restriction, authorization, announce, backup, device, group, identifier, mail server, marker, profile, schedule, user), and audit event (added, edited, deleted, setting changes, backup added, backup deleted). So, you can configure a flexible data display and quick search. To do this, you need to click the Add filter button and set the necessary parameter/s. For some searches, results can equal your search (so to be exactly as you indicate), or they can be less or great than your parameter, e.g. search less than indicated date will display all events happened before.


You can select a few parameters and choose whether the results will match all filters or any of them. In addition, you can save your search parameters for further use by clicking the corresponding button. All saved parameters are displayed after clicking the Segments button.