Technical parameters

General parameters

Panel type: Individual

Screen: No

Matrix size: 1/4’’

Angle: 122° horizontal x 70° vertical

Matrix resolution: 1 MP

Output video: 720p (1280x720) H.263, H264, MJPEG

Night backlight: 4 IR LEDs

Light sensitivity: 0.01 lux

Protection class: IP65

Operating temperature: -40 - +65 °C

Power consumption: 6.5 W, in standby – 4 W

Power: +12 V, PoE

Body: Metal

Colors: Silver gray, black

Dimensions for installation: 165x108x65 mm

Dimensions of panel: 168x115x40mm

Installation: Flush mounting, wall mounting with BR-AV7

Functional capabilities

Interface: WEB-interface

Lock opening: By card, with the monitor

AV-07T access control: Combined contactless card reader: EM-Marin and MIFARE

AV-07B access control: Multiformat UKEY reader (Em-Marin, Mifare, Bluetooth, NFC)

Integration with ACS: Wiegand-26, Wiegand-34 Input / Output

Quick dial buttons: 1 piezoelectric ring button

Number of ringtones: 1 polyphonic ringtone

Authentication: A separate password for the settings, WEB-interface

Talking mode: Duplex

Talking time: Up to 30 minutes

Additional functions


2 SIP accounts;

2 relays for connection of 2 locks;

2 contacts for connection of 2 exit buttons;

separate locks control;

3 controlled inputs for alarm;

Motion Sensor;