Access management

In this menu, you can set general control parameters of the access control system, access rules, and identifiers.

Common settings

Master card: Master card number.

Use master code: Enable/disable using master code to open the lock.

Master code: The code entered on the keypad for opening the lock.

When using the control module with two locks SH-42, when entering the master code on the panel, both locks will open.

Registering access cards via web interface

Enter 0 in the “Master card” field and click the “Apply” button.

Next, bring the master card, necessary for the registration, to the panel reader area - the signal "BEEP" will sound, which means that the master card has been successfully registered. After that, you need to put this card again to enter the card-issuing mode.

After that, in the area of the panel reader hold the user cards in turn. After each user card, the “BEEP” signal will sound, which means the successful registration of the raised card. 

The time between adding cards should not exceed 10 seconds.

Locks management

Lock open time (s): Time for which the panel relay contacts are closed or open.

Lock open delay: Time after which the contacts of the panel's relay will close or open.

Keep the lock open, if there is no SIP registration: Function to automatically open the lock if SIP registration on the panel is lost.

No SIP registration time: Time period after which the lock begins to open if SIP registration on the panel is lost.

Open lock

Lock #1, Lock #2

Open lock: The function of opening the selected lock from the panel WEB interface.

Additional settings

Floor number (elevator control): The number of the floor on which the panel is installed for identification by the elevator module. The function works when using the appropriate elevator control module.

Monitor secure mode: Turns off the alarm on the internal monitor when you bring up a card that is connected to the logical address of this monitor.

This mode works by the trigger principle:

Bringing the card to the panel reader will turn off the alarm on the monitor.

When the card is re-brought to the panel reader, the “Out of home” alarm mode will be activated on the monitor

This is necessary so that the tenant leaving the house does not go into the monitor settings to turn on the alarm, but simply can bring the card to the panel reader to activate it.

In order for the card to turn off the alarm on the monitor, in the section of the access panel "Access management - Identifiers", it must have the same logical address as the monitor on which it is necessary to turn off the alarm.

Server manage access

Enabled: Turns on/off the panel operation mode, in which the panel sends the submitted identifiers to the server for verification and decides on granting access depending on the server’s response.

The timeout for receiving a response from the server is up to 15 seconds. After this time, the panel checks the presence of the used identifier in its database and makes a decision on providing access on its own.

Use a custom server: Enable/disable the use of the custom server to control the panel. If no user server is specified, then the default Link server is used.

Custom server: The custom server URL address.