In this section, backup and restoration of the panel settings, software update, language change, and software reboot are performed.


Choose file: Selecting the panel configuration file from the PC file system.

Set default settings: Reset all panel settings to factory defaults.

Backup all settings: Save and export configuration files.

Export/Import data

Choose file: Choosing the path to the backup file in the PC's filesystem.

When importing data into the panel, all data in the Apartments, Forward, Identifiers, and Access restrictions tables will be deleted and replaced with new data without the possibility of restoring old data.

Export data: Makes an export of time profiles, identifiers, forwards, and apartment data. 

When exporting data from the panel, a secured ZIP archive is created, which contains all data from the Apartments, Forward, Identifiers, and Access restrictions tables.

Device language

Choosing the language of the device.

Software upgrade

Use custom server: Enable/disable the use of a custom update server. Used in closed intercom networks.

Custom server: The input field for the IP address or domain of the custom update server.

Select file: Select a software update file from the PC file system. After selecting the file, you must click on the "Update Software" button.

Check for update: Check for software updates on the BAS-IP server or user server.

Update software: Start the software update.


Before each software update it is necessary to create a backup copy of the panel settings.

Features of the system backup:

When updating the system via WEB or a graphical interface, a backup copy of all applications installed on the call panel is automatically created, and all configuration files are saved. Each subsequent update will overwrite the backup file.

The system creates a backup of all panel settings, passwords, user notifications, SIP settings, lock settings, network settings, panel operation mode.


Reboot: Soft reset of the panel.