This section is used to substitute numbers by means of the panel when making calls to internal monitors when there is no monitor or it is turned off, or to any given SIP number.

Forward settings

Mode: Mode of the forwarding.

All at once - the call is made to all numbers simultaneously. 

One by one - the call is made to the numbers in turn with a delay of 20 seconds.

New forward queue

After clicking on the "New Forward" button, the following interface will be displayed:

Apartment number: Number dialed on the panel's keypad.

Forward Number: The direction in which the call will be made when you enter the corresponding number on the keypad. It can be used both for calls within the LAN via P2P, and for SIP calls.

Input format for internal calls

sip:1@, where 1 is the desired number to be displayed by the called party, is the IP address of the called SIP client (in the case of using a softphone, the IP address of the device where the softphone is installed).

Call to SP-02:

sip:, where is the IP address of the called handset.

Input format for SIP calls, where 5588 is the SIP number of the device being called, is the address of the SIP server, which can be specified either by the IP address or by the domain name.