To make a call between an individual panel and an indoor video entry phone (monitor), the panel and the monitor must have the same building, unit, floor, and apartment number in apartment settings.

If there is no monitor, it is turned off or such settings are missing, you must make forward queues for apartments to redirect calls to IP addresses or SIP numbers.

Forward settings  

Two forwarding modes are available: 

  • all at once: the call is made to all numbers simultaneously. 
  • one by one: the call is made to the numbers in turn with a 20 seconds delay.

How to make a new forward queue

  1. Log in to the panel web interface. By default, the username is admin, the password is 123456.
  2. Open the Forward tab and click New Forward.
  3. Enter your Apartment Number which consists of the floor and room number. For example, 223 indicates apartment 23 located on the 2nd floor. Entering this number on the panel the queue will work. 


    The apartment number is formed from two values: the floor No. and the apartment No. This data is also entered in the monitor address settings. For example, number 101 corresponds to an apartment located on the floor No. 01 (0 at the beginning can be omitted when entering) and apartment number 01. If you want to create forwarding for apartnemt No. 50 located on the 10th floor, in Apartment number field you must enter 1050. 

  4. Enter Forward Number (directions for call forwarding). You can add up to 8 numbers for forwarding. Calls can be made both via P2P and via the SIP protocol.

Format for calls via P2P: 

Two formats for numbers are available:

  • sip:[email protected], where 1 is the desired number to be displayed for the callee, is the IP address of the callee SIP client (if you use a softphone, the IP address of a device where the softphone is installed).
  • sip:, where is the IP address of the callee SIP client (if you use a softphone, the IP address of a device where the softphone is installed).

Format for calls to SP-02 is: 

  • sip:, where is the IP address of the callee handset. 

Format for calls via SIP:

You can also use the short form and enter only the callee SIP number of the called device ("sip:" at the beginning and the SIP server address can be skipped). So, it is enough to enter 5588.

For the forwarding correct function, the SIP numbers in one queue must be registered on the same SIP server. For example, forwarding will work for your SIP numbers registered on the server.

5. Save the forward queue by clicking Confirm.


Forwarding will work correctly even if numbers for both P2P and SIP calls are entered in the same queue.