In this section, you have access to the configuration of RTSP streams.

RTSP Feed 

By entering RTSP streams (up to 4) in this section, you can view images from third-party IP cameras on a monitor during a call from an entrance panel. The feature is available for v4 monitors and other SIP devices with a keyboard.

  1. Generate an RTSP stream of the camera according to its manual.   

  2. Log in to the device web interface. By default, the username is admin, and the password is 123456.
  3. Open the Advanced tab.
  4. Enter generated at 1st step URL at RTSP feed field. You can add up to 4 RTSP streams.
  5. Save settings by clicking Submit.


Example of the URL for RTSP stream:

rtsp://admin:[email protected]:8554/ch01. It includes the username (admin), user password (123456), - panel IP; 8554 - number of a camera access port; ch01 - channel number.


During a call from an entrance panel, open the keyboard and switch between cameras by pressing 0-4 buttons (0 - the entrance panel camera, 1-4 - additional cameras).