Security menu

In this menu, you can turn on / off the alarm, make settings for loops, scripts and go to the IP Camera view menu.

Security ON/OFF

IP camera settings

There is from 1 to 8 IP cameras available for display.

Select a camera in the list by scrolling through the list and clicking on the camera name.

 - Play button.

 - Stop button.

Zone settings

№: Number of the sensor.

Type: Type o the sensor.

Normal mode - the sensor is activated only when the system is armed and if this sensor is selected in the paragraph above. Usually this type is used for door and window sensors.

Emergency and 24 hours - is active constantly. These types can be selected when flood sensors, gas, volume, smoke and heating are connected to the loops.

Mode: Mode of the sensor. It depends on the sensor used.

  • 3C- activation is performed when switching position
  • NO - normally open sensor, activation is performed when the contacts are closed
  • NC - normally closed sensor, activation is performed when the contacts open
  • Bell - doorbell connection mode. When the contacts are closed, the monitor will start playing the incoming call melody.

Delay: Delay before activating a specific sensor.

Sensor: Selects the display type of the sensor for additional informativity when triggered.

Display during an alarm

By setting the required value for the connected sensor, the sensor number and its name will be displayed on the monitor when the alarm is triggered.

To disable alarm you need to enter password. By default, password is 1234.

Scene settings

After clicking this button, the following interface will be displayed:

A total of 3 scenarios are available: Outside the house, Home and Sleep. Depending on each scenario, you can customize the logic of the triggering of various loops.

Activation time: The time after which a particular scenario is activated.


Old password: Current password input field.

By default, user password is 1234.

New password: New password input field.

Confirm: New password confirmation field.