There is a multifactor authorization feature in panel settings. In addition to the normal operation of identifiers, you can enable the mandatory use of several identifiers to open the lock/s. For example, the user must first bring the card to the reader and then show a QR code to get access. For correct multifactor authorization, you must add users in this tab and configure conditions for gaining access to a room.

Also, you can edit or look at a list of all users with detailed information about them (linked to user identifiers, access restrictions, apartments, and access conditions).

You can enable multifactor authorization in the Access management tab and configure access options. Also, you can enable multifactor authorization for one or a group of users, and configure different access options for them, if necessary.

How to add a new user to a panel

  1. Log in to the device web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.
  2. Open the User tab.
  3. Click New User.
  4. Enter a user name.
  5. If necessary, add info about the user. It can be useful to indicate user roles or other information to avoid confusion if some users have the same name (optional).
  6. Select the apartment number from the previously created list (optional).
  7. Select access restrictions for user from the previously created list (optional).
  8. Set lock # that the user can open with an identifier.  
  9. To enable multifactor authorization for user tick Custom Access parameters
  10. Select necessary identifiers from available types that users must use to get access: QR code, Card, Access code, Ukey, Face ID. 
  11. To add identifier/s for this user open the Identifier tab in creating a new user menu. 
  12. Click Add identifier.
  13. Select the necessary for the user from the list of previously added and click Add selected. If necessary, you can delete added identifiers. 
  14. Confirm data.