UKEY mobile access


Ukey Mobile Access from BAS-IP is a universal technology for gaining access to the premises or to the territory of an object with the possibility to use in one reader simultaneously: EM-Marin cards and MIFARE/encrypted cards MIFARE Plus/MIFARE Classic, cell phone (Bluetooth and NFC).

Advantages of UKEY:

  • Ability to use several standards of identification simultaneously: EM-Marin, MIFARE, Bluetooth and NFC 

  • Ability to use a cell phone as an identifier

  • Adjustable range of mobile identifier (when using Bluetooth)

  • Low power consumption

  • A special encryption algorithm for mobile IDs and MIFARE Plus cards

  • Ability to apply to any types of objects

  • Ability to install UKEY Mobile access in previously acquired outdoor panels

  • Convenience in use

Working principle

Identification and unlocking are possible due to the presence of the built-in module BME-03 in the panels, supporting UKEY Mobile Access. 

Multi-format Module BME-03 which can be equipped with all the outdoor panels BAS-IP with a built-in reader, allows you to identify the user by the UKEY technology using different identifiers (cards, pendants, cell phone), and performs the role of universal reader of access control system. 

Mobile access with UKEY application

For users' ease of operation with BAS-IP outdoor panels equipped with multi-format readers, the company BAS-IP has released a new mobile Ukey application which, after receiving the mobile ID, is used to open the doors/gates/parking gate arms. 

For each outdoor panel equipped with a reader module with support for UKEY Mobile access, a different range of the mobile ID can be configured, in the range of 2 centimeters to 10 meters. The response distance depends not only on the selected mode but also on the thickness of the walls in the room, weather conditions (when placing the panel outside) and other factors. 

Operation modes (operational range of mobile ID):

  • Touch (working distance up to 2 centimeters)

  • Door (working distance up to 1 meter)

  • Gate/barrier (adjustable distance from 0,5 meters to 10 meters)

Triple-clicking setup in UKEY Cfg application

Application abilities:

  • Adjusting operating mode of EM-Marin cards, MIFARE and BLE (Bluetooth Low energy) - enable/disable standards of reading

  • Setting encryption for the UKEY identifier. This will enable you to link the encrypted ID key to the selected reader

  • Enable/disable encrypting mode in MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus cards

  • Enable diversification for MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus cards

  • Adjusting sound confirmation when waving mobile identifiers near the reader in standby and reader mode

  • Setting operating mode: door, touch, gate/barrier

  • Adjusting range operating mode when select gate/barrier mode

  • In connection with reader TR-03, a configurator allows you to record MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus encryption cards

  • Storing a file with settings for defining reader

  • Ability to download configuration file with settings for restoring reader parameters and copying settings to other readers

Ways to get the mobile ID and access card

Scan QR-code with the UKEY Application

The user submits an application to purchase the required number of QR-codes to the administrator of his service company, wherein one QR-code = one mobile device. Afterward, the user gets the QR-code in the printed form or in electronic form (by e-mail, Viber, Telegram, etc.). Then the user scans the code received or imports it from the file system and thus gets the mobile ID. 

Before the identifier is issued to the user as a QR-code, it is recorded by the administrator of the management company in the Management Software. The QR code cannot be reused on multiple cell phones, as it is linked to only one mobile device, providing a high level of reliability and security of mobile identifiers. You cannot copy or duplicate an identifier. 

Using BAS-IP TR-03B reader

In order for the administrator of the management company to be able to use TR-03B to issue mobile identifiers or to record access cards, it is necessary to specify the master-card,  which will be needed for the reader to work in the future. The Master- card is specified when the reader is first started. 

Create a master card:

  1. Download and install UKEY Cfg mobile application;
  2. Connect TR-03B reader to the power source +5V (USB);
  3. Launch the UKEY Cfg app and press Search button;
  4. The app will find the reader, it is necessary to enter the settings, More menu, then Change master-card tab;
  5. Bring EM-Marin card or MIFARE to the reader;
  6. The reader will make a record to the card with encryption, after that it becomes a master-card to this reader;
  7. To keep on working with the reader, you should reconnect to it in the UKEY Cfg App.
  8. For more details about the features of the desktop reader, follow the link

Once the master-card has been created, the administrator can issue mobile ID's as well as add encrypted keys to MIFARE Plus cards. 

Obtain Mobile IDs using TR-03B

  1. Download and install UKEY mobile application;
  2.  Install and launch the program on a PC with the Windows Family OS to write the identifiers "BAS-IP USB Reader Server"; 
  3. Connect the reader to PC;
  4. Bring a master-card to the reader;
  5. Bring a cell phone to the reader (make sure Bluetooth is on) and enter UKEY App, then press the Obtain button or select Obtain BAS-IP TR-03 key. 
  6. The reader will transmit a mobile ID to your cell phone, thus "Your key is ready" will appear in the app.