Free access

The Free access feature provides access to a room according to the configured schedule by pressing the corresponding button on the panel. This option can be used to give access to regular services, such as postmen, delivery, cleaning services, etc. In this section, you can enable/disable and configure this feature.

To get access to the room, visitors must press the button in the lower right corner of the panel keypad with looks like this,or  

For the AA-12X panel, visitors must double-click the concierge button.

For the AA-14X model, the free access activates by pressing Pincode and Open the lock buttons. 

How to configure the Free access feature

  1. Log in to the device web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.
  2. Go to Access management > Free access tabs.
  3. Enable the feature.
  4. Select days when free access will be provided.
  5. For chosen days indicate the beginning (From column) and the end (To column) of the feature active period.
  6. Choose the lock number (first/second/all) that will be opened when the free access button is pressed (relevant if the SH-42 module is used).
  7. Submit settings. 


For correct feature operation, check the correctness of panel date and time, as the information indicated in the panel settings is used to provide free access. So, if the panel time does not correspond to reality, then access will be provided according to the data indicated on the panel.