In this tab, you have access to the panel system logs and the ability to make remote outgoing calls to other devices.

System logs 

This section is necessary in case of system errors or panel malfunctions. You can download system logs and send them to the BAS-IP support team to work on fixing them.

With the Clear button, you can delete all information from logs.

Outgoing call 

With the help of this feature, you do not need to be near the panel to check the connection or correct operation of calls between the panel and a monitor, softphone, etc. To make a call, enter the number of the callee device (can be a logical address, SIP number, or number for P2P calls) and click the Call button. To end the call, click Stop.

The call will be displayed on the panel, and the event "Outgoing call made from the web to the number" will appear in the logs.

Number formats: 

If the call is made via the internal protocol, enter the device logical address:

  • for multi-apartment entrance panels, you must specify Building No. - Unit No. - Device No. For example, 0001-01-2.
  • for individual entrance panels, you must enter Building No. - Unit No. - Floor No. - Apartment No. - Device No. For example, 001-01-02-04-1.
  • for indoor video entry phone (monitor), you must specify Building No. - Unit No. - Floor No. - Apartment No.  For example, 0001-02-03-15.

If the call is made via P2P, enter the number in the format: sip:any [email protected] address of the callee SIP client. For example, sip:[email protected]

If the call is made via SIP,  enter the number in the format: sip:callee SIP [email protected] server address. For example, sip:[email protected]

MQTT client debug 

In this section, you can get the current MQTT client state or its actions: the client is enabled, the client is successfully connected, etc. Click start to get information, and the corresponding button to stop the process.

This feature works only if the MQTT protocol is enabled.