Here you can add, edit or look at a list of flats and get detailed information about each apartment. 

An apartment is a logical entity to bind identifiers, access codes, redirection rules, and other information about residents.

Also, you can use apartments as address book entries to search and call the apartments. At this tab, you can enable/disable its display on the main screen of a multi-apartment entrance panel.

How to add a new apartment to the device memory

1. Log in to the device web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.

2. Open the Apartment tab.

3. Click New Apartment and fill in the required information: 

    • building No. (from 0001 to 9999);
    • unit No. (from 00 to 99);
    • floor No. (from 00 to 98);
    • apartment No. (from 01 to 99).

4. Enter an Apartment name. For example, Smith's.

5. Indicate the number of residents for this flat.

6. Confirm information to save it. 

After saving the information, the apartment is added to the general table, which contains:

  • apartment address;
  • apartment Name;
  • conditional number of inhabitants in an apartment;
  • amount of identifiers that are issued to a particular apartment. Identifiers can be created in the Identifiers section of the Access management tab;
  • amount of access codes issued for the apartment. Access codes can be created in the Identifiers section of the Access management tab (indicator is relevant for multi-apartment entrance panel);
  • amount of created forward queues for the apartment. Forwardings are configured in the corresponding tab;  
  • ability to edit information or delete one or several selected apartments;