This tab contains a log that displays all the events that happened with the panel: login to the web interface, an unknown identifier used, etc. When the number of events exceeds 10,000, the oldest entries are deleted.

List of all events displayed in the log:

LowSystemLogin to the web interface
SystemFailed login attempt to the web interface
Info Incoming call
Info Outgoing call

AccessAccess granted by the web interface
AccessAccess granted by remote server
AccessLock opened by response device 
AccessLock opened by identifier 
AccessLock opened by exit button
AccessGeneral access code entered 
AccessDoor was closed
AccessDoor was opened 
HighAccessLock opened too long 
AccessNot valid identifier 
AccessWrong input code 
AccessAccess denied by remote server 
AccessAccess denied by the web interface 
AccessUnknown identifier 
AccessUnknown QR code
EmergencyTamper triggered 
CriticalEmergencyEmergency event cancel
EmergencyEmergency event start 
EmergencyLight indication
EmergencyCall to the rescue service 

You can sort events by date from most recent to oldest and vice versa. To do this, click the Date/Time column.

Also, there is a filter with the help of which you can configure a flexible data display and quick search. To do this, you need to click the Filters button, set the necessary parameters, and click Apply:

  • in the Field name line, select the search parameter:
    • category: the display of events with the selected category (access, system);
    • event: the display of events from previous tables by their names;
    • priority: the display of events with selected low/medium/high priority;
    • date/time: the display of events for the exact date and time.
  • choose search condition
    • equal: the display of events by a selected parameter. So, if you choose events equal to low priority, you will see all Login to the web interface and Failed login attempt to the web interface events, etc. ; 
    • not equal: the display of events that do not correspond to the selected parameter. So, if you select events not equal to low priority, you will see all events except those with low priority;
  • choose Field Value depending on the selected column.