Access settings

You can open basic settings from a panel or a web interface. To enter the system settings, you must press the # button twice (the inscription "Admin" will appear on the screen). Then enter the admin password (the default password is 123456) and press # to confirm. This will open the settings menu.

Use the Up/Down arrows or the 2/8 buttons on your keypad to move between menus and fields. To confirm press the # button, and * if you need to go back.

In this menu, you can set: 

  • lock open timeout is a period (1-300 sec) during which relay contacts will be closed or open (depending on the lock type), and a lock will stay open;
  • lock open delay is a period (1-300 sec) after which relay contacts will close or open after sending a signal to open a lock;
  • floor number (Elev Refer) where the panel is installed for further elevator control module EVRC-IP use (optional);
  • Password (no more than 8 characters) is a general code entered on a panel keypad to open a lock. The default password is 0000.